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Transylmaniac[4] (also named as Transylmaniak or Who I Am) was a planned 2D animated series under the ZAG Toon brand. Because there's very little news about the series since it was first announced in 2010 on the ZAG website and it was later removed from the website in 2014, it's possible that the show got cancelled.


Our hero Drack, half human and half vampire, is confronted with more problems than your average teenager: during the day he must study at school and at night he must fight his neighbor Ray, who is a member of the Bureau for the Interception of Creatures. Drack must learn how to master his vampire powers to protect his family from being discovered and arrested by the BIC.[5]



Dracula Jr., also known as Drack, is supposed to be the main character of the series. He's a 11-year old[1] half-human/half-vampire pre-teen boy who studies at school in the daytime, while at the night he have to fight his neighbor Ray, who is a member of the Bureau for the Interception of Creatures (BIC).


Franck is a big green Frankenstein's monster-like simulacrum. He's possibly Drack's best friend and a domestic worker of Drack's family. Despite his huge size, Franck is very gentle.


Angela is Drack's human mother and Vlad's wife.


Dracula Sr.[6], also known as Vladimir or Vlad, is Drack's vampire father and Angela's husband.


Ween (possibly short for Halloween) is a playful living pumpkin who's possibly Drack's pet. Their name is a reference to the holiday "Halloween".


Spider is Drack's pet.


A werewolf only appear in one of the concept arts. It's unknown what's his role in the series.


Raymond, or Ray, is supposed to be the main antagonist of the series. He's a short scheming man who's a member of the Bureau for the Interception of Creatures (BIC) and also Drack's neighbor. He has a deep hatred for monsters and wants to get rid of Drack and his family once and for all.


Bouhou is an emo female spirit who likes to scare people. It's unknown what's her role in the series but she's possibly Drack's friend. Her name is a reference to the word "boohoo".


Clara is a human goth teen. She's possibly Drack's love interest. Despite Clara's dark appearance, she does have a soft side. Her name, ironically, means "clear" in Spanish.


Kevin is a human classmate of Drack's. It's unknown what his role in the series but he's possibly the school bully. As seen in concept arts, he likes to play basketball and has a huge appetite.

Melle Rosalie

Melle Rosalie is a human professor of Drack's school.


  • All of the known character designs are drawn by David Gilson.[7]
  • The backgrounds are designed by Benjamin Labruyere.[8]
  • "Who I Am", one of the series' working titles, is a reference to Drack's identity crisis as a vampire-human hybrid.



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