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Major Spoilers May Be Contained

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This is a list of Zak Storm characters who have appeared throughout the entire series.

Name Picture Alignment Description
7Cs Calabrass is a magical, talking sword. He grants Zak Storm the power to control the Eyes of the Seven Seas of the Bermuda Triangle.
Zak Storm Caramba
7Cs Caramba is an alien in a mecha suit. He acts as the technology expert and mechanic for the 7Cs.
The Chaos Someone please add an image of The Chaos' face 7Cs The Chaos is a sentient boat that can fly, float, dive, and walk on land. He doesn't always listen to Zak, but he takes the 7Cs wherever they need to be.
Zak Storm Clovis
7Cs Clovis is a poltergeist tied to the Chaos. He cannot leave the ship. He is the jokester for the 7Cs. Zak promised to help him find his body.
Chrysta Coraline Lejune
Zak Storm Cece
7Cs Chrysta Coraline Lejune is an Atlantean princess. Because she cannot acquire Calabrass for herself, she decides to join the 7Cs as Zak's first mate.
Zak Storm Crogar
7Cs Crogar is a Viking. He obeys Chrysta Coraline Lejune's orders. He joins the 7Cs by following Chrysta Coraline Lejune and acts as the muscle for them.
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