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Adventure Park is an upcoming CGI animated feature film by Zagtoon under the ZAG Adventure brand. It was originally announced to be release on 2019, but since the ZAG website have been updated, its current status is unknown.


Once there was a magical park where kids of all ages could run the Serengeti with the Great Beasts, ride the haunted rails of a Wild-West Ghost Train, explore Lost Atlantis, shrink to the size of a Hard Candy, and journey to the heart of a Black Hole... All in a single, magical day! But then there was an accident, and the doors to Adventure Park slammed shut forever. Now, three friends must embark on a daring adventure of their own: returning to the long- abandoned fantasy park to save their missing friend. [1]


  • If Adventure Park isn't postpone from its original release year, then it would have been the second feature film that Zagtoon ever release. It would have also been the first animated film to be release under the ZAG Adventure brand.



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